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What Is Risk Free?

If your utility has a high water loss, you may need assistance. And you may be asking yourself, "How can we afford for a 3rd party to help us?" It is the existing industry practice for service companies (I.e. Us!) to provide a proposal with costs based on the number of miles in your system, or the number of days they expect the job to last. Ironically, it is never guaranteed that any loss can be identified, so you're going to pay regardless of the results. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with this process, as one's labor costs need to be recovered, it is an obstacle for many utilities with limited budgets - especially utilities with less than 2,500 customers.

There lies the opportunity!

Leakage Consultants is now offering a "Risk Free" water loss recovery service to
qualifying utilities. What this means is that we charge only for what we find. And, to insure that the charges are not excessive, we place a "cap" on the fee, which is typically less than the loss is costing you now. (In some instances, there may be a small minimum fee, which covers some of our labor and travel expenses.) Because we're charging fees based on performance, getting board approval is usually simplified.

How do you know if your utility qualifies?
Download our worksheet, fill it out the best you can, and e-mail or fax it back to us. Once we have your information, we will respond with our proposal, and recommendations. Mostly FREE!

"Risk Free"! It's what the industry wants! It's what our industry needs! And, it's only available from Leakage Consultants.

Bud Reed
Budr at LeakageConsultants dot com

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