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The Sustainable Solution For Controlling Your Water Loss

     After years of preaching about leak detection, accurate record keeping, meter accuracy and the overall importance of water accountability, it's obvious that something's wrong because it doesn't seem to be getting better. The AWWA & USGS numbers still show a sizeable difference -
nationwide - between water produced, and water sold. As a whole, our industry's Non-revenue water (NRW) numbers are absolutely ridiculous, and are consuming utility budget dollars and environmental resources as fast as  ever; To the point where some utilities can not afford to correct the problem, because their water loss has consumed all their money.

     PLUS, customer-side water conservation is driving your revenue down, keeping your sewers from flowing properly, and, you can't hire any staff - Blah, blah, blah ...

TotalCareTM  will help.

What is TotalCareTM ?

     TotalCareTM  is US helping YOU by implementing a sustainable
water loss control program -
including the option of a permanently installed leak detection system - and performing all the monitoring, data collection and leak pinpointing over the life of the project.

TotalCareTM  project is uniquely designed and implemented based on the requirements to reduce water loss for a specific utility. Some can benefit with the installation of our permanently installed leak detection system; Some, by having us on-site for multiple times throughout the project life; And, some by implementing a combination of methodologies and technologies, designed specifically for that utility.

     Regardless, when it comes to water loss control, there's only one sustainable solution -
TotalCareTM ; And from only one source - Leakage Consultants.

     To discuss how
TotalCareTM  can help your utility, give us a call for a free analysis of your system. (or fill out the contact form.)

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