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Who Are We?   

We're Leakage Consultants -- And we're dedicated to applying and providing the latest technology for solutions to Water Loss, Sewer I&I  and Damage Prevention issues facing water utilities and energy providers in our region, and we've been doing that since 1994.

     Our goals are simple:  (1) Provide a
Sustainable Solution for Water Loss Reduction, via implementation of an active leakage control program; (2) Introduce a new methodology for the evaluation of sewer mains; And, (3) Improve Damage Prevention via implementation of the latest locating technology.

     We provide "
Empowerment". The Mission is simple -- Provide the tools, the support and the training to the utilities in our region, which will help them identify and recover their Non-Revenue Water, PLUS, reduce the expenses associated with sewer main evaluations with the implementation of new, advanced inspection technology.

The Solution is "A New Direction". Service companies spend countless man hours performing Water Audits, Leak Detection and CCTV evaluations for utilities across the USA. However, the utility is often left with little knowledge of how to carry on the process, and with little desire to want to continue their own program. Our new 21st Century Direction means that we adapt the newest technology to the problem, and, as an option, provide Technology Transfer to the utility through their involvement in the process.

We are .

Leakage Consultants -  The "New Attitude" for Professional Water Loss Recovery and Sewer Main Evaluation Services in our industry. Catch It!

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